Wooden Planks

Their are two different types of wooden plank options.

Solid and engineered, they are both great but for different reasons. 

Solid Timber Flooring 

Is 100% hardwood from the top to the base, meaning that the plank is solid wood all the way through.  


Engineered Timber Flooring

Is made up of a 3-6mm top layer of solid hardwood, which is glued to an engineered base of layered plywood. The mm's top layer is dependent on the board width and can vary between brands. 


Types of Wood Finishes 

A protective layering is vital to protect your project surface

against water and environmental damage.


Two of the most popular finishing varnishes are oil and polyurethane.

A varnish basically protects the wood surface from day to day wear.

Solid and engineered woods can use either finishing application. 

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