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It's warm, versatile and adds value to your home

Hardwood flooring provides that old world charm or modern elegance look.

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Why should I choose a Hardwood flooring?


Hardwood flooring can be used in almost every area of your home from the laundry to the bedroom and is available in a multitude of colours.


Hardwood flooring keeps draughts at bay, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.  


The surface is hypoallergenic and will not trap dust, dirt or mites. It is an excellent choice for families with asthma and allergies. 


Spills are easily
wiped away!
Hardwood flooring does not hold everyday stains or odours. 


A well-cared
for hardwood timber
floor will last for decades.

Their are two different types of wooden plank options. Solid and engineered, they are both great but for different reasons. 

Oak Elegance - Timber Floor


There is an enduring charm in timber flooring that surpasses time and remains impervious to passing trends. With its richly burnished surface, timber floors embody timeless elegance, making them a quintessential statement of style that enhances the value of your home. They are 100% hardwood from the top to the base, meaning that the plank is solid wood all the way through.

Enginnered floor Frozen Oak Palazzo - Quickstep.


Is made up of a 3-6mm top layer of solid hardwood, which is glued to an engineered base of layered plywood. The mm's top layer is dependent on the board width and can vary between brands. 

A protective layering is vital to protect your surface against water and environmental damage.

Types of wood finishes

A protective layering is vital to protect your project surface against water and environmental damage.


Two of the most popular finishing varnishes are oil and polyurethane. A varnish basically protects the wood surface from day to day wear.


Solid and engineered woods can use either finishing application. 

Polyurethane Flooring from Flooring Studio

Polyurethane Finish

Polyurethane finishes produce a beautiful,  natural luster to the colour of wood.  

Water based polyurethane is recommended as it is non-toxic and nonflammable making it great for homes with pets and small children. 

Water based polyurethane is our eco-friendly option, it produces less fumes and has an array of sheen levels to choose from. 

Solvent based polyurethane is available on request. Please talk to one of our friendly experts in store to see which finish is right for you.

Flooring Studio Oiled Flooring

Oil Finish 

Oils penetrate and harden the wood surface while drying quickly. 

Easy spot and scratch repair and low maintenance.

Application is simple requiring only a buffer or roller. 

Usually no sanding of the floor is required. 

Oak Elegance Chevron - Ultimate Timber Flooring Luxury

Installation Options 

Depending on your budget, time frame and the look you are wanting to achieve there are two options for installation.




A prefinished floor is quick and easy to install. Using engineered wood, the planks come finished with your chosen colour and grain. It is ready to use as soon as it’s down.  

On-site finishes

A timeless elegant look can be achieved with our on-site custom finishing.


Unfinished solid wood planks are installed then sanded before an oil or polyurethane is applied. The result is a stunning, one of a kind floor that will last a lifetime. 


Come see us in our showroom or give us a call to discuss which timber floor is right for you. 

Timber Floor Inspiration

To read more about different types of solid timber floors visit one of our trusted suppliers below. 

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