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Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Turn your office into an oasis

Furnishing a home office is a good investment in yourself, why not create an oasis working environment that suits your personality and has a positive impact on your well-being?

Explore the options to turn your office into an oasis.


Because a space where you feel good helps to make you more motivated and productive, a well-furnished home office encourages you to get the best out of yourself. The art is to create a workspace that promotes your sense of balance and well-being. This can be achieved by using tactile, natural materials and soft shades of colour that convey harmony. Combine an office lamp with atmospheric uplighters and indirect LEDs instead of stereotypical neon office lighting. That way, you convey calm, even during the most gruelling Zoom call. You might perhaps also place a few plants in the background. Doing so not only makes a statement but also brings the healing power of nature into your home.


If you spend a bit of time in your office then it is important that the space reflects your personality too. Does a painting or a photograph of a special holiday make you feel content? Do you like books or make ceramic works of art in your spare time? Surround yourself with objects that make you feel happy. A few shelves on the wall don’t take up working space and are an ideal way of displaying treasured knick-knacks. So even at the most stressful times, you’ll have a reason to smile and put things in perspective. Working becomes a pleasure if you feel safe and secure in your own cocoon.


You can give expression to your personality by choosing a floor that matches your favourite style of interior. With a wide selection of designs, plank sizes, colour ranges and textures. Whether you opt for vinyl or laminate, in a wood or stone design, depends entirely on your taste. These floors are not just great to look at, but scratch-resistant and maintenance-friendly too. Because if you are stuck in front of your computer all day, there’s a good chance that you’ll move about on your office chair and that the odd cup of coffee will be spilt now and again. Many of our floors are equip to handle. The water-repellent coating makes them particularly maintenance-friendly, so you don’t expend much energy cleaning and yet your workplace remains clean and hygienic.

At the end of the day's work, you can completely relax and maybe even use your home office as a yoga studio or meditation space. With flooring offers an authentic look, you can turn your office into a real oasis of wellness.

Ready to explore more options and turn that office into your own oasis talk to our team about what might be best for you.

Turn your office into an oasis

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