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Building, renovating or simply seeking a new aesthetic, your choice of flooring & carpet sets the design tone for your entire house.

Wool Carpet

Enhancing interior spaces with undeniable sophistication, the inherent intricacy of wool arises from its evolution to safeguard sheep in any environment. That’s why we still wear wool, sleep with wool, insulate with wool and enjoy walking on wool.

Explore the selection of wool carpet on sale and visit our showroom to view the range of colours available.  

Hard Flooring

Bringing the timeless beauty of nature to your floor

There is something about the enduring appeal of timber flooring that transcends eras and defies trends. Offering a warmly burnished finish, timber floors are a classic statement piece that can add real value to your home.

Explore the large range of colours and styles part of the sale. 


Blending durability and stunning aesthetics

Laminate is a robust, hard-wearing, multi-layer flooring product, fused together with a lamination process. These floors deliver a gorgeous timber look but with grain and colour that you can see and feel.

Explore some of the range below. 

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