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Are you planning to move into a new home or contemplating renovating your existing space? Then you might be looking at the range of carpets that are available.

While we agree carpeting your entire home may not be an ideal or practical solution from the standpoint of cleaning and maintaining, creating cosy areas with carpets is a great way to retreat and rejuvenate your mind and body. Here we bring some of the biggest carpet trends of 2023 to embrace in your home.

Sustainable carpets

With carpet being a purchase that is going to be in your home for a very long time why not consider making an informed choice when you have the option. We have a range of carpets constructed from undyed natural wool, which forgoes the process of dying the fibres with chemicals. Made from New Zealand and European wool, sustainable wool carpets are luxurious, strong, and highly durable.


If you are thinking coloured carpets are a passing fad, and investing in one would be a temporary solution, you might be wrong. Coloured carpets can be an excellent way to display your unconventional approach to design. With a range of pastel shades of pinks, greens, and blues and bolder shades of maroons, reds, and navy blues all add a fun way to play with the rest of your interior. Either you dial it up with brighter walls or dial it down with neutral-toned furniture and artifacts and express your style.

Neutral Tones

If you want warmth and comfort in your home, earthy-toned carpets add that aura of luxury and class. From beige to browns, these carpets are easy to mix and match with bolder colours if you want to create a sense of moodiness to the space or emulate the classic vibe by bringing in neutral shades without overpowering the room. Nylon carpets are super soft and vary in pile height and construction depending on how much depth and character you want.


After a tiring day stepping on a soft and plush pile of carpet would instantly calm your senses, that’s why plush carpets never go out of style. Super soft nylon and wool carpets make a space appear luxurious and rich. There is no time like now to create a comfortable, spacious, and cosy home, and plush carpets help you achieve it.


Textured carpets are constructed in a loop, twist, or cut pile and are usually hardwearing and hold well to busy areas. If you like your floors to have character and depth, the textured carpet will add a touch of personality to your floor. Textured carpets that are tightly woven decrease shading and indentations caused by the placement of heavy furniture and vacuuming. Like all things in your home, caring for your carpet will add longevity.

Carpet is a great option to lay in your bedrooms, living room, or your study because these are the areas you want to relax after a tiring day, have quiet conversations and cosy up on a lazy rainy day. Knowing these trends will help you make an informed choice on what kind will suit your needs the most.



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