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Perfect for Kitchen Floors
Laminate Flooring: Muse

Your kitchen is the lively heart of your home—a place where culinary magic happens. In the midst of all the day to day activity, your kitchen deserves a floor that can handle the daily hustle and bustle with ease.

Even the most seasoned chef can't dodge the occasional spill or a splash of water from the sink. Plus, in a space where cleanliness is key, having kitchen flooring that can stand up to regular cleaning is a must.

Whether you lean towards laminate, vinyl, or wood flooring, your floor is set to become the reliable "cooking base" of your kitchen for years to come. Elevate the comfort and charm of your vinyl, laminate, or hardwood kitchen floor by picking the perfect underlay from a diverse selection.

We offer flooring for every taste

Looking for a classic wood grain design, or perhaps the exotic feel of tropical woods? Maybe you're drawn to the timeless appeal of natural stone flooring. Whatever your style, our wide range ensures there's a flooring choice that suits your taste.

Naural Varnished Oak Laminate
Laminate Impressives

One Floor for Kitchen and Living Room

Whether your kitchen flows seamlessly into the living room or they're distinct spaces, consider using the same flooring in both areas. This creates a laid-back sense of cohesion, making your home feel more open.

Endurance Tested

Kitchen floors go through it all—from knives finding their way to the floor to glasses spilling drinks. But with Scratch Guard technology, your floor can handle whatever your culinary adventures throw at it.


Need a kitchen floor that can handle water without a hitch? Luxury vinyl flooring is a dream. Laminate, with its waterproof coating, is also a reliable choice, ensuring your kitchen floor stays tough and good-looking. We also offer timber floors

In the world of kitchen flooring, durability and style go hand in hand. Choose a floor that not only meets the demands of your daily kitchen activities but also adds a touch of charm to the heart of your home. 

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