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Four reasons to select vinyl planks for wet areas
Vinyl Planks

Four reasons to select vinyl plank flooring in wet areas

Bathrooms and wet areas like laundries are not only at the receiving end of heavy foot traffic and endless wear and tear – they’re also subject to constant moisture exposure. This means bathroom floors need to be resilient, easy to clean, but also waterproof. That’s why vinyl plank flooring tops our list of must-haves in your bathroom. Here are four reasons to lay them stress-free in your wet areas.

100% waterproof

Yes, you read that right. Vinyl bathroom flooring is 100% waterproof, ensuring spills and humidity have no damaging effect on your floors. This is because, the material does not inherently absorb moisture, ensuring you can stop worrying about planks warping or swelling. Apart from your bathrooms and laundry, vinyl flooring also makes for a suitable addition to the kitchen.

Soft underfoot

As a resilient flooring material – vinyl bathroom floors tend to absorb the room’s ambient heat better than ceramic tiles. That's why vinyl doesn’t get cold in winter. This makes the floor softer and comforting to step on without shoes. Looking for more comfort? Did you know some vinyl planks are also compatible with underfloor heating?


Vinyl planks are slip-resistant, making them an excellent choice for bathrooms. This automatically translates to a better grip for your feet, especially after a lovely bath or shower.

Hassle-free maintenance

This luxury flooring solution is also child and pet-friendly flooring. This makes it a breeze to maintain, irrespective of where you’ve installed it. As a hardwearing and waterproof material – it works exceptionally well in bathrooms. What’s more, the floors are also resist to chipping, staining and scratching – so you never need to worry, if the outdoors come inside.

Maintenance of your vinyl planks is as simple as sweeping, vacuuming or mopping, making it a great choice for busy households.

Yes you can install vinyl planks in your bathroom, they are a great option to consider. Talk to our flooring studio team to learn more and see the options available.

Can I have vinyl planks in my bathroom?
Vinyl Planks



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